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All the World's a Stage [entries|friends|calendar]
Dazzling Disaster

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[16 Feb 2005|11:17pm]

Say Anything... [02 Jul 2004|09:37pm]
[ mood | content ]

Post anything that you want and post it anonymously. Anything. A story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love--anything. Be sure to post anonymously and honestly. Post twice if you'd like. Put this in your livejournal to see what your friends (and perhaps others who you dont even realize read your livejournal) have to say.

Always and Forever,
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Michael Donahue [18 Feb 2004|09:11pm]
[ mood | Unsure ]

This morning when I got to school, I thought it was going to be a regular day. I would go to all my classes and have an ok day. That didn't happen. When I reached the library, I was told that one of the teachers died of a heart attack over the weekend. At first I didn't realize who it was, then I heard the name more clearly, Mr. Donahue. My third period teacher. The only math teacher I have ever liked. I know I didn't know him all that well, but it still hurts. When I went to third period today, it took a minute to sink in... He wasn't there. He was gone. A couple of the counselors came in and talked to the class... They said they would help comfort anyone who needed it. I saw a couple of people crying around me, and others talking about it. I still didn't know how to react. There is this guy, Masab, he had known Donahue for three years... He was really crushed.

I still don't know if I should cry... Or just leave it, and hope that he is in a better place. Stevie was affected by it, but tried not to show it. But I knew. Gosh, it truely is amazing what death does to people.

R.I.P. Michael Donahue
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